3D Design

Pilgrim Hostel

This project is a theoretical, architectural design proposal situated in Cathedral Gardens, Manchester, UK. 

The proposal is the result of a research and design module named Processional City, focusing on urban ceremonial gatherings and formal public space. It's also inspired by my time spent walking the Camino de Santiago, a revived pilgrim route that stretches across northern Spain.

The initial mapping of the processional routes of Manchester lead me to investigate, map and propose the idea of the "Processional Plait" or 3 scales of urban processional space/activity: Promenade, Procession & Pilgrimage.

The Pilgrim Hostel rests at the intersection of these 3 routes within Manchester; the city's processional epicentre. It imagines that the UK's ancient pilgrim routes have been revived and acts as a sanctuary and communal space for passing pilgrims, focusing primarily on the ritual of dining.